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Have you ever thought about a career within recruitment? As a graduate, probably not. Most graduates stumble across a recruitment career as a back-up when they are finding it impossible to get into a job relating to their field of study. However, as the recruitment industry has evolved, it is becoming a more prominent and wealthy occupation to obtain. The recruitment industry is a lucrative market which offers the opportunity to progress at a fast pace giving individuals a chance to establish themselves financially and really build a meaningful career. 

What is recruitment?

Recruitment is essentially a sales role. You are selling your services to a client and a candidate, where you are in effect running your own mini business. You will have the responsibility of building new business and maintaining relationships with clients. This will include making pro-active sales calls to essentially sell your service to both clients and candidates. 

Working for a recruitment company means that you will become an expert in a particular market. You will build relationships with specific companies who deal with your area of expertise. They will give you occupations to fill and using your excellent networking and communication skills, you will find the perfect person to fill that role. Equilibrium Recruitment welcomes applicants from across Reading and London. 
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There are so many opportunities!

A recruitment role involves much more than just being able to speak to people. It is an occupation that touches on many different industries. Graduates are usually unaware of how applicable their degree is for these roles. The experience within recruitment can be extremely valuable itself if you wish to pursue an alternative career further down the line in occupations such as marketing/training/business management etc. Inclusive and transferable skills that you can obtain within a recruitment role include:
  • Business development
  • Management 
  • Training and coaching
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Public speaking
  • Research and information gathering
  • Digital media
  • Event planning
  • IT applications and skills

Career path and progression

Typical career path within recruitment
Trainee recruiter ----> Recruitment consultant ---> Senior consultant --->Principle consultant or manager ---> Managing director ---> Director

As a trainee recruiter you can expect a basic salary between £18,0000- £20,000. You will earn commission from day one (how much, would depend on the company you work for); it is usually around 10%. The OTE (on target earnings), this is the total you will come home with including your base, is usually around £30,000 for your first year. This is realistic and achievable providing you put in the effort and hard work. 

The first two years in recruitment are the most difficult, this is when you will spend most of your time building relationships, networking with people, understanding and researching your market/sector and finding the right method which works for you and suits your communication style. You are selling your services and you are selling people as your product, therefore you have to evolve a style of communication which works the most in your favour and for your sector. 

Once you have established yourself within your market, you will have been given a pay rise, but by this point, the main bulk of your income will come from your commission as you will have grown competent in placing people in roles and billing money for the company, and therefore earning commission for yourself on a more frequent basis. By your third year in recruitment your earnings should be a minimum of £38,000 and can potentially increase to £70,000. 
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